Redirecting Children’s Behavior”
This course has been designed for parents and professionals who work with children from 18 months to 18 years.  Here you will learn tools and techniques that can be used to achieve immediate positive results on the redirection of child conduct.Visit our website for mor information
It is an integrative model of developing human skills of living, life planning and integration of personal and community values ​​that facilitate healthy living and quality of life.
This training cycle is a real alternative to help third age persons in Puerto Rico to achieve a better and more secured life.The program is designed in a holistic intervention point of view to maximize the benefit for the person.
Mulhernova offer development and training services to the women like group dynamics, counseling and orientation in different areas like: Personal development, motivation, self-esteem, professional development, and many other tools.  



“High Conflict Diversion Program”


This twelve session program will capacitate parents to facilitate children expression in a more appropriate way.  At higher conflict level between parents, the lives of the children will be going through a higher confusion, and anxiety level.  This type of situation could be diverted from the chaotic conditions that surround the divorce, and could be redirected to the children benefits. Visit our website for more information