Company safety is the number one priority of the corporate world.There is no excuse for mistakes on this field.  This is also a major requirement by OSHA and state laws.  At S&A we have developed training courses designed to get your company to compliance and beyond.  Safety is not an option, it’s the law and we will help you and your company to have a better workspace. Be prepared to act on an emergency, and make sure that your company is current on safety training by taking our courses.
These courses are designed to help with personal, group or corporate motivation.Many times motivation will play a significant role on employee performance.  This is why motivation is so important and we take it seriously.  Our courses are designed to bring the best within every person. Try out one of our motivational courses, and see for yourself, how your life will improve. Find out how you can get to higher levels of performance by incorporating motivational training within your organization.
Team Building
Having a strong and focused team is one element that companies are relying for their success.  It’s commonly known that teambuilding in corporate world is the basis to achieve higher performance.  Our team building courses focus on the individual, as part of the team.  Each individual could bring assets to the table, which could greatly benefit the overall team operation.  Our courses will bring the best of each individual to be incorporated on a great team.  Find out more on how to start your team building training today.
Business Development
In this competitive world, the opportunities are for those well informed.  Our business development courses are designed to help you get to the next level by incorporating new trends and technologies in your daily business.  We will help you achieve higher goals by implementing a targeted educational program, tailored to your needs.  Our courses will help your company develop greater results; by professionalizing your workforce.  Find out more on how to grow your business with education.    
Supervision Development Skills
Not everyone is a naturally born manager or supervisor.  There are some skills and assets for being a supervisor.  In our supervision development courses we provide you with tools to better achieve results, while managing people.  Our courses are targeted to get the most out of each individual.  Helpful scenarios will guide the newly named supervisor, to a greater understanding of what being a supervisor is.  Take advantage of our experience in this field and take a course now to improve your skills.
Personal Development
At S&A we believe that each individual has the potential to grow and develop to unimaginable levels.  In our personal development courses we target the main asset that a company has, the individual.  To have developed individuals, is to have a better, stronger and more developed company.  Find out more on how you can develop yourself, and your company to a new level. 
We are living in the beginning of the technology era.  This technology gives us new dimensions on how we do business.  Every aspect of our lives, and business, is affected somehow with technology.  Our experts in this field will guide you, and your company, to get ahead of the competition.  This field is always changing and evolving.  Only technologically ready companies will have the edge in today’s business world.  Stay ahead with cutting-edge the new technology trends; by taking one of our courses.  
In this section you will find health related courses for health administrators, managers, and practitioners.  We offer a range of courses associated with the health field.  Our courses are targeted to improve performance and impact health care delivery.  We also offer a wide range of continuing education courses for nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and other health workers.  S&A is your one stop solution to health development education.  Find out more on how your health systems can improve by taking one of our courses.
System Improvement
Efficiency is the one asset that can help your business grow, without substantial investment.  Our system improvement courses are designed to maximize your business potential by improving the way things are done.  Our experience will lead you to better understanding on how, by implementing simple changes in your organization, you could have better outcomes, results, and overall performance.  See how to improve your business by taking one of our courses